Kitsch Aesthetics

In the realm of art and design, few concepts capture the essence of cultural vitality and unabashed ostentation like the kitsch aesthetic. In the Mexican imaginary, this whimsical style takes on a new dimension, weaving a vibrant tapestry of colors, symbols, and cultural references. Through its exuberant celebration of popular culture, kitsch has become an integral part of Mexican identity, influencing diverse art forms, fashion trends, and even everyday objects.

The Mexican kitsch aesthetic has also left its mark on the fashion industry, with designers incorporating vibrant prints, traditional embroidery, and iconic motifs into their collections. This fusion of kitsch and fashion showcases the country’s cultural richness in the form of clothing.

A reference in photography, LaChapelle: from glamour to controversy and kitsch


The kitsch aesthetic has found a prominent place in the fashion world, attracting celebrities and designers looking to defy convention and embrace a sense of whimsy and irony. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese, Nicki Minaj, and Iris Apfel have fearlessly embraced kitsch in their personal style, while fashion and accessories designers such as Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, Charlotte Olympia, and Moschino have made it an integral part of their design philosophy. Through their bold choices and imaginative creations, the kitsch aesthetic continues to make a memorable impact on the fashion industry, celebrating the fun and irreverent side of style.

Mixed colors and bold prints

The kitsch aesthetic is nourished by bright and flashy colors. For our part, we try to create bags that are different and original, we work in this line with upcycling summer bags, adding a differential point to any outfit.

We use the classic Mexican tablecloth oilcloth, which prints a playful and eclectic style of kitsch and adds a kaleidoscope of shades. From stripes to tropical prints and quirky motifs, combined with the imagery of Mexican culture, these bags are a visual celebration of color that adds a touch of whimsy to any beach, pool, or city outfit.

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