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Discover our collection of sustainable handmade bags, perfect for any occasion, ideal for summer and your days at the beach. Each Valentina bag has been carefully handcrafted by talented artisan women from the state of Chiapas in Mexico, using traditional backstrap loom techniques. Immerse yourself in the freshness of summer with our vibrant and functional boho-style bags, designed to accompany you on your adventures under the sun, explore our collection and carry with you a little piece of history and sustainability while you enjoy the summer in style!

From the Heart
of Chiapas.

Valentina bags are not only a style statement, but also a way to support the preservation of craftsmanship and the empowerment of women in local communities.

A name,
one meaning.

Valentina – we chose this name for our bags in honor of all the brave women weavers of lives.

Experience the fusion of tradition, modernity, and sustainability.

Each of our bags is a unique piece of work, created with dedication using a backstrap loom, an ancient craft technique. From the beginning of the process, we take care of every detail, using natural dyes and selecting the highest quality materials.
What makes our bags really special is the careful selection of colors, meticulously studied to guarantee a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

Valentina is a bag dyed with natural dyes that, being woven in backstrap loom, doesn’t generate waste, so we are respectful with the environment.

We work with women artisans offering a fair payment to contribute to the empowerment and improvement of the quality of their lives.