About Us

A brand with Mexican DNA born in Barcelona.

Concept Slow

Hueso Colorado Studio

We are a brand of handmade bags and accessories that combines functionality and sustainability.  With slower production processes, under the concept of “slow fashion” we create a more ethical and sustainable model.



Step by step we are building, offering the best of ourselves.

Est. 2021

Our Passion

‘Ser de Hueso Colorado’ is an expression used in Mexico to refer to a person who has a great passion for an idea, a belief or something.

We put that passion when designing our bags and we want to transmit it, making it our flag.

We were born for the taste in design and accessories, because we think that details make the difference and that everything adds up when it comes to dress. We design bags with personality that will make you look and feel unique.

The Present

Our Values

We recycle. We convert scrap materials or leftover stock into parts and new products instead of wasting them.

Sustainable production. We work in small productions in order not to generate stocks.

Fair trade. We want to make a positive difference in the world, working with small producers, creating fair labor opportunities.



Small productions in order not to generate waste.

Join Reno-Bag®

We created the Reno-bag® program so that when you no longer want your bag, give it to us and we will give it a new life by creating a new one.

We recycle

We give materials a second chance.


We take care of all the details and make small productions.


Our designs can be adapted at any time.