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  • Bolso artesanal hecho en telar de cintura
    49,50 (VAT included)

    Valentina is more than just a bag. It is a unique accessory hand-woven on a backstrap loom by our talented artisans from the state of Chiapas. Each piece is created with dedication and skill. In addition to its beautiful craftsmanship, our bag is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is made from natural and renewable materials, reducing our impact on the planet.

    This bag is the perfect companion for your sunny, relaxed days. Its large capacity allows you to carry everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach. Its elegant and versatile design makes it an ideal accessory to wear on any occasion.

    Valentina in block colors will help you to give energy, dynamism, and creativity to all your looks.

    Measurements: 40 x 35 cm

    Material: 100% cotton and natural dyes.
    Handle: 32 cm